Reliable Production Machining and Welding is a leader in quality and service since 1946.
Reliable Production Machining and Welding is a leader in quality and service since 1946. Reliable Production Machining and Welding


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Reliable Production Machining and Welding is a leader in quality and service since 1946.
Reliable Production Machining and Welding is a leader in quality and service since 1946.
  Reliable Production Machining and Welding is a leader in quality and service since 1946.Reliable Production Machining and Welding is a leader in quality and service since 1946. current news
  Reliable Production Machining and Welding is a leader in quality and service since 1946. news archives
Reliable Production Machining and Welding  
ISO 9001 CERTIFIED - 8/10/2014

After the long and detailed process of becoming ISO 9001 certified, we are pleased to announce that we have finalized the requirements and were awarded our certificate in August 2013.

Reliable Production Machining and Welding has been continually striving for the best possible quality of manufacturing since we opened our doors decades ago. The ISO 9001 certification is a clear indication of our continued dedication to provide customers the highest standard of quality in targeted client industries.

Our expansion to a new 135,000 sq ft facility adjacent to our plant 2 operations on Ohio Street in Kendallville has enabled us to streamline our processes to meet the stringent ISO 9001 standards as well as increase our productivity and delivery efficiencies. The consolidated shipping and receiving departments as well as welding and machining areas has enabled us to more effectively plan production and workflow to ensure the best quality.

We continue to add industry standard production equipment to assist in increasing volume of production for our clients.

The management team and owners of Reliable is proud of the progress we've made in the short four years since the transition of ownership in 2010.

Our continued steady growth is proof that we are treating customers right and ensuring our veteran production staff are growing in skills and experience in order to keep us growing into the future.


Kendallville, IN – May 1, 2012

Like most manufacturing operations in NE Indiana since 2008, Reliable Production Machining and Welding has not been immune to declines as a result of the recessed economy. However, in spite of the slow recovery many companies continue to face, Reliable has experienced stable growth in each year since the 2008 recession began, with a double digit percentage in 2011 over 2010.

In what has been an unseasonably busy winter and spring, Reliable has been awarded sizable new business in the turf care and construction equipment industries.

“We recently received major contracts with three international leaders in the turf care and construction equipment industries; Toro, Terex, and Caterpillar. They have been seeing their own industry growth and as a result of these new contracts (and other operational improvements), we project a 25% increase in overall business over 2011,” commented Director of Sales and Engineering, Clay Weber. He added, “I really believe our attention to customer service and the high quality products we continue to produce are the main reason we were awarded these multi-year, multi-million dollar contracts.”

Reliable continues to add jobs as a result of steady growth over the past 12 months and currently seeks to hire experienced CNC operators and welding fabricators. A recent acquisition of a 135,000 sq foot manufacturing plant on Ohio Street across from current Reliable PMW Corporate Headquarters in Kendallville, has stimulated customer assurance as well.

“We have visited many of our high volume customers and shared the ways we have been improving operations through new equipment and facility purchases. We've shown higher efficiency and quality in production. We've also expanded our ability to produce more machined and welded components, which has boosted their confidence in working with us,” stated company President, Chuck Drerup.

Reliable PMW serves five different industries overall which includes R.V. and Marine, Agricultural Implements, Heavy Duty Construction, Tur Care Equipment, and aftermarket trailer products through its Reliabull™ Division.


The former Drive-Sol manufacturing plant located directly across the street from current Reliable PMW Corporate Headquarters in Kendallville, Indiana has been acquired by Reliable Production Machining and Welding. The 135,000 sq ft facilities have been vacant for nearly three years after Drive-Sol closed its operations in 2009.

Originally established in Kendallville in 1968 by the King-Seeley Thermos Company, the facilities eventually transitioned to various businesses including Eaton Manufacturing, Siebe Corporation, Teleflex, and Drive-Sol. The building has remained vacant since 2009.

“We have kept close attention on the property with hopes to acquire it for expanding our operations,” cited Reliable PMW President, Chuck Drerup. “The office and manufacturing space will allow us to continue our growth in a much more efficient manner while, in many respects, providing an upgrade in facilities for our manufacturing staff to continue building our high quality products,” he added.

Tom Walterhouse, CEO and co-owner of Reliable PMW, stated, "The facility is in good condition and will need some improvements and clean-up work before any operations are set up during the coming months. There is no immediate target date for official operations to commence in the facilities, but it will likely be phased in throughout 2012."

“The logical course for any manufacturer desiring to remain competitive is to look for ways to improve efficiency,” said Greg Salway, Chief Operating Officer of Reliable PMW. “This new location will allow us to streamline our entire production and assembly process in a way that will enable us to service our customer needs in a more timely manner,” he added.

Patrick Hess, Chairman of the Kendallville EDAC, is working with Reliable and Region 3A about the building and property purchase. "The building acquisition and property improvements planned by Reliable qualify for tax abatement assistance in Kendallville. A special meeting of the Kendallville EDAC will convene later this month to review the incentives available and to make a possible recommendation to City Council for an abatement. Bottom line, it's good that a vacant building is being re-purposed by a great company in our town," stated Patrick.

Mayor of Kendallville, Suzanne Handshoe is very thankful to Reliable for helping the community maintain its trend of positive industry growth. “Reliable has been an integral part of Kendallville for over 66 years. We are pleased that they have chosen to grow and invest, here at home," she stated after touring the facilities with Reliable owners.

Rick Sherck, Executive Director of Noble County Economic Development Corporation, visited with the Reliable management team regarding the purchase. "They've been a mainstay in Noble County since 1946. I don't think many realize how their commitment to customers and community workforce has impacted their success. We are excited about the growth opportunity this new facility will afford them," said Rick.

Reliable PMW manufactures parts and components for several OEM manufacturers like Caterpillar, Toro, JLG, Hustler Lawn Equipment as well as distributing its ReliaBull™ Trailer Products to national retailers Balkamp-Napa and Northern Tool.


Reliable Launched New Retail Division


CONTACT: Chuck Drerup Reliable Production, Machining and Welding Ph: 260.347.4000 Fax: 260.347.5552

Reliable PMW Launches New Retail Division

Kendallville, IN – October 6, 2011

Reliable Production Maching and Welding, with primary operations in Kendallville, Indiana, announced today the official launch of its retail division, ReliaBull™ Trailer Products. The newly organized division will be managed from the existing corporate headquarters in Kendallville, and include distribution of products throughout the continental United States.

“While we’ve sold Reliable products direct to the retail market in the past, we’ve never developed a specific brand strategy”, cited Clay Weber, Sales and Engineering Manager. “The internet and ecommerce has created a whole new market niche for our products as well as traditional brick and mortar stores throughout the country. We simply realized the upside of our retail packaged products if we were to brand them to reach a broader audience of buyers”, he added.

ReliaBull™ is an obvious variation of the company’s name Reliable, with a new brand logo depicting a bull as the icon. The range of products which are being marketed under the new division include hubs, axles, brake assemblies, and various subcomponents used in the trailer and agricultural implements industries.

“We have been working toward a strategy to increase our retail market sales and have spent the past twelve months gearing up for the launch of this new division,” said company President, Chuck Drerup. “Our plans are to double the sales volume from 2010 by 2013. This would represent nearly 20% of our annual revenues but only a fraction of the potential market for our products in the United States. We know the trailer parts industry is a multi-billion dollar segment of aftermarket products in the United States, and we believe we are positioned to gain more of that market share,” he added.

The launch of the new division coincided with a Fall 2011 launch by Balkamp – Napa Stores throughout the United States taking delivery of the newly branded ReliaBull™ products. (see picture)

Aside from Napa stores nationwide, ReliaBull™ Trailer Products are also being sold through Northeastern Marine, Eastern Marine, and Agri South Stores.

The ReliaBull™ Trailer Products Division will eventually require the addition of staff in Kendallville as well as various regions in the United States for sales and marketing representation. Plans for expansion include an aggressive online marketing and sales strategy as well as a continued retail store presence. Retailers will have the option to stock various parts through variations of planagrams (retail display kits) which will be sent to their stores. Retailers may also elect to sell ReliaBull™ Trailer Products through their own eCommerce stores.

For more information regarding the ReliaBull™ Trailer Product line or Reliable PMW, please visit

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Reliable PMW Nearly Doubles Work Force Since Spring 2010, Adds C.O.O.

A steady increase in production since Spring 2010 has required Reliable Production Machining and Welding (, one of the nation’s largest independent manufacturers of axles, hubs, and brake assemblies, to add over 40 new employees at its primary production facilities in Kendallville, Indiana.

"Our primary market segments include lawncare equipment manufacturers, R.V. and marine, agricultural equipment manufacturers, large construction equipment manufacturers, and the retail aftermarket. We’ve seen a steady increase in order volumes from all of these segments which is an indication of a positive turnaround from a few years ago," stated Reliable PMW President, Chuck Drerup.

Reliable PMW upgraded several key pieces of computerized equipment in its production machining and welding plants. Precision equipment like robotic welders and CNC Lathes have increased Reliable’s ability to service customers more efficiently and broadened the scope of capabilities overall.

Vice President and General Manager, Greg Salway, was promoted to Chief Operating Officer on April 15 in a response to the increase of responsibilities added with the trend of growth since early 2010.

"Our business has always been cyclical, but the consistent growth the past year has been very encouraging and required us to add a lot of production staff in recent months," said Greg. "We are seeing an increase in customers needing precision parts made on our CNC equipment, and these are the higher paying positions we’ve been filling. We are still in need of several experienced operators and hoping to continue receiving applications from qualified applicants," he added.

Reliable PMW underwent a management led buyout in July 2010 which has been a catalyst to the growth. A recent decision made among senior management was to expand its marketing and sales effort into a rapidly growing segment of aftermarket retail products.

Marketing Consulting Firm, Day 6 Design, also of Kendallville, has been working closely with Reliable PMW management to develop a 3 to 5 year plan to double its Retail Aftermarket sales volume.

"Not surprising, several companies are relying heavily upon online sales to reach retail consumers with their products," stated Day 6 Design owner, Patrick Hess. "When freight friendly parts can be purchased easily online, retail buyers continue to use the ease of their computers at home and work to order them."

The plan to increase the Retail Aftermarket sales will include the addition of a new division of Reliable PMW dedicated wholly to adding, servicing, and maintaining new sales channels in both brick-and-mortar stores and online.

Mayor Suzanne Handshoe recently toured Reliable PMW facilities since the 2010 management led buyout and as a follow up to review the impacts of a tax abatement granted by City Council to Reliable PMW for its addition of over $400,000 of production equipment last year.

"It’s exciting to see one of our largest employers in Kendallville continuing to invest in their business with results like we’re seeing. Adding jobs in our present economic climate is an amazing statistic," stated Mayor Handshoe. "We are very industry and commercial business friendly and any way we can assist business which results in positive growth and jobs, we are going to do what it takes," she added.

Businesses requesting tax abatements must present their applications to the EDAC (Economic Development Advisory Council) for review. Items like new job creation, potential for longer term presence in the community, and sustaining existing workforce are among the criteria carefully considered before an applicant is approved through Kendallville City Council.

Pictured are new C.O.O., Greg Salway, and Kendallville Mayor, Suzanne Handshoe.


Reliable Production Machining and Welding has released its corporate video through its website and on Youtube at

Filmed over the past 12 months, this brief summary video shares the history of Reliable since its 1946 beginnings. The video also features owners Chuck Drerup and Tom Walterhouse as they share reasons why Reliable is considered an industry leader in the hub, axle, and production machining and welding industry.

The video will be used on the company website as well as at various tradeshows.



Kendallville, IN – January 20, 2011

Clay Weber, formerly Engineering Manager for Reliable Production Machining and Welding, has been promoted to Director of Sales & Engineering effective January 3, 2011.

The company has been aggressively pursuing new market sales growth along with updating its internal equipment and facilities since the July 1, 2010 transition of ownership to President, Chuck Drerup, and CEO, Tom Walterhouse. Formerly Reliable Tool & Machine, the new Reliable Production Machining and Welding executive management team has developed a strategy to increase market share in the Large Construction, R.V. and Marine, Retail Aftermarket, Agricultural, and Lawn Care Equipment industries. The strategy includes a new approach to both sales and marketing as a whole.

"Our past momentum of successes carried us quite a long time until the overall economy these past few years challenged us and our competitors in this industry to become more calculated about winning business," said President, Chuck Drerup. "Clay has been with our company since 1992 and knows most of our customers on a personal level. His engineering background and great customer service skills made it a logical choice for putting him in charge of Reliable’s sales force."

Mr. Weber’s primary responsibilities will be to continue development of existing customer business along with acquiring new business. He will oversee the external sales engineers which independently represent Reliable products to various markets.

"I’m excited about this opportunity and know that it will be challenging and rewarding for me and Reliable," commented Clay about his promotion.

Reliable PMW will be participating in several upcoming tradeshows including the NATM Convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico on February 23-25, at booth #1317.

Reliable PMW is one of the nation’s largest independent manufacturers of axles, hubs, brake assemblies, and also one of the only to pour and machine all its castings in the USA. To learn more about the management team and staff at the new Reliable Production Machining and Welding, visit the website at



Reliable Production Machining and Welding announces the launch of it's new corporate website. Kendallville based Day 6 Design was contracted to develop the new website along with other marketing materials such as a new company logo. The acquisition of 50% of company stocks from Arthur Charles by President, Chuck Drerup, and CEO, Tom Walterhouse, on July 1, 2010 was a catalyst to modernize many aspects of Reliable.

The new website features a broad scope of the company's facilities, staff, equipment, and product range.

Future features will include the ability for Reliable customers to log in to a customer portal whereby technical drawings and other documents may be downloaded.

"Our old website was quite dated and actually did not adequately represent Reliable PMW or its capabilities. This new site will be a great tool to help new customers as well as existing customers to access information about Reliable and our products," stated President, Chuck Drerup.


Reliable Tool Transitions Ownership To Next Generation


CONTACT: Chuck Drerup Reliable Production, Machining and Welding Ph: 260.347.4000 Fax: 260.347.5552

Reliable Tool Transitions Ownership To Next Generation

Kendallville, IN - August 17, 2010

On July 1, 2010, a management team led by President, Chuck Drerup, and Chief Executive Officer, Tom Walterhouse, completed a buyout of Arthur Charles 50% shares. The purchase concluded the transition of ownership to a third generation of family members connected to founder Harvey Charles, who formed the company in 1946. Owen Drerup will remain as Chairman of the Board with a minority interest in stock.

Reliable will continue to provide production machining and welding services to some of the world's largest construction equipment, lawn care equipment, trailer, RV, agricultural equipment, and marine industry manufacturers. In addition, they continue to provide high quality aftermarket parts to the retail sector through some of the nation's largest retailers.

Formerly known as Reliable Tool & Machine, the new management team, which includes Greg Salway as Vice President and General Manager, has refined their name to Reliable Production Machining & Welding. "We are specialists in production machining and welding more so than creating tools, so it just made sense to establish a more accurate corporate name as part of this ownership transition," commented Greg. "In a time when many of our industry customers consider buying foreign made products, we are excited that they choose American made products by Reliable," he added.

Reliable maintains its status as one of the largest employers in Kendallville, Indiana. The buyout does not affect jobs at any of its facilities, and will likely introduce new positions in the coming 12 to 18 months.

Chuck Drerup, grandson of Founder Harvey Charles, commented, "There are many exciting opportunities for Reliable to grow in several marketplaces, and this transition of ownership from my father's generation to ours provides us with a renewed commitment to the family business. We will continue to provide the highest quality products and services to our existing customers as well as our new customers. It's very important to me that each and every customer is handled with excellence and professionalism".

Tom Walterhouse added, "One of the most important concerns about this buyout lied in the fact that we wanted to enhance the rich tradition of our company with new modernization in production and how we market ourselves. The existing management team remains largely in place and the addition of a few new strategies to become more competitive in the industries we serve will help Reliable acquire a stronger foothold in the marketplace."

Reliable has partnered with Day 6 Design of Kendallville to develop a new logo, website, and other key marketing tools as part of the transition to new ownership.

FEMA MemberNATM MemberISO 9001

Reliable Production Machining and Welding is a leader in quality and service since 1946.
Reliable Production Machining and Welding is a leader in quality and service since 1946. Reliable Production Machining and Welding is a leader in quality and service since 1946. Reliable Production Machining and Welding is a leader in quality and service since 1946.
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